The Burley Golf Club

Millennium Tournament round 2

Saturday 21st April 2018, White Tees, The Burley

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Results PointsCSS 69 (Visitors 71)
1st Martin O'Reilly(19)42
2nd Brian Turner(7) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club41
3rd Tom Riley(11) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club41
4th Ray Freeman(13)40
5th George Harvey(9)40
6th John Brennan(12)39
7th Norman Boulter(23)39
8th David Smallman(12) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club38
9th Andrew Dibben(7)38
10th Bill Collinge(9)38
11th Ian Thompson(13) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club37
12th Steve Wiseman(7)37
13th Robert Corp(25)37
14th Mark Roper(12)37
15th Clive Langdon(13) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club37
16th Peter Jordan(14) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club36
17th Roy Manley(13) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club36
18th Mike Randell(12)36
19th John Maher(10)35
20th Andy Wiseman(10)35
21st Lloyd Benetton(23) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club35
22nd Stephen Rayment(12) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club35
23rd Clive Kibblewhite(21)35
24th Mark Thuston(16) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club34
25th Ian Bronsdon(14) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club34
26th Steve Poulter(16) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club34
27th Keith Thomas(17) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club33
28th Lawrence Cross(20) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club33
29th Stephen McCormack(14) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club33
30th Dick Sheerin(14)33
31st Gary Dunkley(14) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club33
32nd Callum Maher(22)33
33rd Peter Hines(8) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club33
34th Kevin Boot(10) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club33
35th Simon Smith(9)33
36th Steve Johnstone(18) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club33
37th Jason Gill(13) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club33
38th Andrew Scrutton(3) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club32
39th Dave Jenkins(15) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club32
40th Paul Sadler(12) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club32
41st John Bentley(13) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club32
42nd Robert Mays(4)32
43rd Eric Parry(13)32
44th Kevin Rickman(14)32
45th John Wilson(18) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club32
46th Carlo Russell(16) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club31
47th Steve Jose(13)31
48th Tim Linbourn(6) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club31
49th Stephen Forsyth(13)31
50th Nick Baker(5) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club31
51st Graham Priddey(15) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club31
52nd Adam Norris(12) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club31
53rd Alan Levy(12) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club31
54th John Hollings(13)31
55th Graham Fisher(14) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club30
56th Andrew Smith(23) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club30
57th Pat Bond(17) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club30
58th Dave Hardwick(19) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club30
59th Ken Taylor(23)30
60th Gary Aimson(10) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club30
61st Paul Child(15)30
62nd Kevin Mayne(6)29
63rd Jamie Boynton(8) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club29
64th John Clarke(16)29
65th Adam Terpening(19) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club29
66th Harry Simpkin(15)29
67th Paul Bond(12) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club29
68th Darren Applin(9) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club28
69th Mick Keynes(18) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club28
70th Matthew Sadler(18) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club28
71st Paul Gaskell(11) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club28
72nd Jeff Ross(20) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club27
73rd Jon Worrall(14) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club27
74th M Gaffney-Dodds(19) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club27
75th Keith Lovett(21)26
76th Anthony Hewitt(16) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club25
77th Martin Saunders(14)24
78th Cliff Holiday(21) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club24
79th Martin Rogers(11)23
80th Fred Benham(23) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club22
81st Richard Thorpe(24) Highcliffe Castle Golf Club21
82nd Tony Wilkins(16) Barton-on-Sea Golf Club21

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