The Burley Golf Club

Entrant List for LADIES OPEN 2024

36 players have been signed up for this competition as of 6:38 PM Saturday 18th May

Alison Ayling (Basingstoke Golf Club)
Gillian Baldwick (Brokenhurst Manor)
Patsy Batchelor (Parkstone Golf Club)
Hazel Bayliss (Parkstone Golf Club)
Elizabeth Bell (Parkstone Golf Club)
Julie Benford (Barton-on-Sea Golf Club)
Alex Berrill (Wellow Golf Club)
Bridget Biffen (Wellow Golf Club)
Charlotte Breaker (Brokenhurst Manor)
Angelena Brewer (Barton-on-Sea Golf Club)
Maggie Button (Ferndown Golf Club)
Angela Carter (Skylark Golf & Country Club)
Sue Collinson (Brokenhurst Manor)
Pat Cookson (Parkstone Golf Club)
Elizabeth Cracklen (Brokenhurst Manor)
Anna Curcic (Parkstone Golf Club)
Norma Dunkley (Brokenhurst Manor)
Sheena Foley (Cranleigh Golf & Country Club)
Pam Gibson (iGolf Club)
Deborah Grant (Skylark Golf & Country Club)
Jan Hasker (Parkstone Golf Club)
Sally Kavanagh (Brokenhurst Manor)
Deborah King (Brokenhurst Manor)
Heather Kitson (Cranleigh Golf & Country Club)
Mandy McGachie (Cranleigh Golf & Country Club)
Linda McLeod (Easthampstead Ladies Golf Club)
Jenni Mitchell-Fox (Ferndown)
Fiona Molloy (Basingstoke Golf Club)
Chris Perry (Basingstoke Golf Club)
Donna Pink (Basingstoke Golf Club)
Suzanne Richards (Easthampstead Ladies Golf Club)
Pam Stebbings (Parkstone Golf Club)
Diana Stewart (Brokenhurst Manor)
Val Stride (Ferndown)
Susan Wright (Cranleigh Golf & Country Club)
Maureen Young (Ferndown)

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